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DeltaBrite “Tuneable” White Light           

–  When simplicity, size and cost are most important!

–  Compatible with SMD LEDs or COB’s from all major suppliers.

–  Photo/video studio lighting, museums, retail/food displays, decorators/painters.

–  Microprocessor control for high performance!

                             controller board pic 7-21-16



The first and only “one-size fits-all”, low-cost module to achieve variable color temperature (variable CCT) with these plug-and-play attributes…

  • Works with virtually any single standard, constant-current LED driver
  • No need for wireless  issues or special software “apps”
  • Works with triac or analog dimmable (0-10V or external 100K pot) drivers
  • Requires no separate power source

…With turn of a knob, vary CCT from 2700K to 5600K (or an even wider range)

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Specifications: DB-100

Total LED Dual-String Operating Power0100Watts
Brightness Range (each string)0%100%
Total Power Variation Over CCT-Adjust Range-/-5%
Controller Internal Power Dissipation2Watts
Ambient Operating Temperature10C+50C

Note 1—to ensure complete CCT variability range

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